Dick Whittington – REVIEW


Combine David Shields’ stunning, cartoon-like set, a rambunctious dame and classic panto slapstick and you have a recipe for five-star Christmas success. The Mercury Theatre’s 2016 pantomime, Dick Whittington, was a well-executed production with a stellar cast. The hilarious Anthony Stuart-Hicks returns for his second year in the annual panto, this time as Sarah the Cook – whose heels get higher and costumes more outrageous with each scene, alongside kid’s favourite Dale Superville, as Idle Jack, who together adlibbed and corpsed their way to ardent applause.

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Wind in the Willows – REVIEW

Cast WITW (Photo Darren Bell) (2)

The Mercury Theatre’s latest home-grown show, Wind in the Willows, is perhaps their most inventive production yet thanks to a highly imaginative set concentrated around scaffolding, simple hanging lights and innovative piles of old rubbish, used as props by the multi-talented cast, who also double up as the show’s orchestra.

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